A gift tailored to the recipient will always have more of an impact. This is important in both business marketing and personal giving.

Greenbriar Gift Baskets has always stressed customization and we want to build the best gift for YOUR recipient/occasion/or brand, not to compete with a catalog on or offline!

In concentrating so much on the themed gift "baskets" I have often neglected to mention items that can work as gifts on their own, not just as part of a themed gift design. I design and make my own jewelry line and specialty candles as well as buying small gift items at wholesale. I intend to put some of those up for sale here as well.

We will be offering stock gifts and themed gift baskets for sale through this Featured page, the gift and jewelry pages on this website and through our Greenbriar Facebook page. Custom orders will be handled by phone and email.

Local customers can save on shipping or delivery fees by making an appointment for contact-less pick-up.

Winter Warmer

picture of gift basket featuring warm fleece texting gloves, a cute knit headwarmer, and hot chocolate!

The holiday season has passed but here in New England the wintry weather is just hitting its stride! Our Winter Warmer gift basket was designed as a gift for an individual rather than something for a whole family or office to share. It features warm fleece gloves complete with texting tips and a pretty knit headwarmer. There's also a collection of gourmet cocoas, cafe latte, and gourmet tea to keep her warm on the inside. We also added a package of gourmet cookies and chocolate fondue to enjoy with those warm beverages. To top it all off with a little sparkle, there's a pair of lovely clear crystal teardrop earrings, accented with silver and the palest blue. (As always we will be happy to customize the gift. She doesn't have peirced ears? No problem, how about a bracelet? She does have pierced ears but she'd prefer amethyst, etc. Just give us a call at 508 864 5079 or email us.) Want it dressed up with hearts and flowers for Valentines Day? No problem! Please remember though that this gift would also be perfectly appropriate for a woman to give to her friend, co-worker, favorite niece, or any other woman on her gifting list.

$40.00   Add To Cart

Help Yourself!

picture of closed box with ribbon and bow picture of contents of the gift box

Here's one of my up-dated "spa" or self-care gifts. It's packed in a re-useable folding plastic box and contains the following: a wooden ladybug massager to help work out the kinks, a big bar of hand-made vegan soap, a package of refreshing aloe or cucumber facial wipes, a nifty little gadget called a "fidget" to massage your fingers, and a set of assorted incense sticks and cones complete with ceramic burner.

This could be the perfect gift for your friend or relative who really needs some stress relief, and while you're at it why not buy one for yourself as well?

Priced to sell at only $20.00!   Add To Cart

Oh, Baby!

cradle-shaped basket filled with gifts for baby and parents

Do you know someone who will soon be having or just had a baby? You've come to the right place to find a beautiful gift basket for baby (and also, of course, for the adults).

Gifts for the baby include an organic cotton onesie and non-talc baby powder. Adults will enjoy the tea, crackers, cheese spread, cookies, snack mix, and candy that fill up the rest of this cute basket that's shaped like a wicker cradle. One couple we know of who received a similar gift decided to use the emptied basket in the nursery.

As shown, the basket sports a pastel green bow, but we also have versions available with a pastel pink or blue bow. Once our stock of these baskets runs out we will no longer be able to sell this at $40.00, if at all.


Tee Time

golf accessories and goodies packed in a hat-box type container

Golf is enjoying a great increase in popularity due to the on-going pandemic. Chances are there's a golfer on your gift list who would love to receive something like this!

Don't worry that it's getting too cold now in the Northeast -- those novelty golf balls aren't going to spoil and the goodies will be enjoyed no matter the season. Let us know if you'd like this gift done in a holiday style or, as always, if you'd like some changes made to make the gift more tailored to the recipient.

$45.00   Add To Cart

Gift Box for Him

leatherette box with working clock, filled with goodies

It seems that most of the themed baskets and boxes available for themed gifts tend to be on the feminine side. This is one of the few we've found that would look good in a game room or man-cave once the edibles have been consumed

The even better news is that it is on sale. Don't miss out if you need a gift for a man's birthday or other occasion!

Now only $25.00!   Add To Cart

Boot Socks

image of lace or button topped knee socks

I recently tried to describe these socks as a component of one of my Valentine's gifts, then realized that I should be offering them as "stand-alone" items as well. Here you are ladies -- in case you'd like to just pick up a pair for yourself or a friend or relative. Please remember that if you are in our general area (Millbury, MA) you need only choose the pick-up option if checking out on our website and/or call 508 864-5079 to arrange a contact-less pick-up and avoid shipping/delivery charges.


Beaded Ornaments

picture of woven bead snowflake and star ornaments

Of all the Christmas ornaments I have hand-made over the years, these are my favorites for many reasons. One big advantage of these ornaments is that they lie flat for storage so several sets can be stored or transported in a small cardboard box or other container. The glossy white ones show up beautifully against dark pine needles but I'm personally drawn to the crystal iridescent ones because of the way they catch and reflect the lights. A tree decorated entirely with lights and iridescent snowflakes and stars would be a dazzling sight. Too bad it would probably take me until Christmas 2021 to make enough of them!

Our gift to you is FREE SHIPPING on this item. Choose one set of two "snowflakes" and one "star" for $17.00 or two sets for just $30.00. If you're interested in more than two sets, please call 508 864-5079 to discuss pricing.

Please note -in order to make sure that the shopping cart does NOT calculate and add shipping, choose Massachusetts as the ship-to state then choose "free pick-up" but leave your actual shipping address in the message field of the shopping cart so that I can ship these to you!!


Jewelry Polishing Cloths

My newest customer reminded me about these. They work very well and I formerly sold lots of them but when I discontinued/merged my second website with this one, I forgot about them. They are particularly good when cleaning silver jewelry with stones that would be damaged by liquid silver cleaners. One word of caution though, since the jeweler's rouge that does the work is red, be very careful when working around pearls and other light colored porous jewels to avoid staining.

Here are the two sizes that we carry.

picture of jeweler's rouge polishing cloth

$5.95   Add To Cart

The smaller jewelry polishing cloth is 6 inches by 8 inches instead of the 9.75 by 10 inches of its larger cousin. $4.50   Add To Cart

Masks - The New Essential Items

I recently purchased an assortment of cloth masks as they have become essential items. These washable cloth masks are cotton lined and have an inner pocket for an additional filter, should you choose to add one. The adjustable ear loops are particularly helpful if you also wear glasses or hearing aids.

image of masks with assorted designs image of masks with re-sealable package

$6.25   Add To Cart

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