A gift tailored to the recipient will always have more of an impact. This is important in both business marketing and personal giving.

Greenbriar Gift Baskets has always stressed customization and we want to build the best gift for YOUR recipient/occasion/or brand, not to compete with a catalog on or offline!

We plan to show some of our themed gift baskets as well as our boxed gift line here, but please remember that we no longer offer shipping or local delivery on our themed baskets. Those will be available for pick-up from us in Millbury, MA.

Local customers can earn a 20% discount on our Boxed Gifts by making an appointment for contact-less pick-up.

Spring Has Sprung!

Ah, Spring. It's been cold enough to discourage much outdoor activity but the blossoming trees don't lie. Unfortunately I can't treat you to a picture of tulips as the deer waited until a day or two before the blossoms opened then ate all but one. Apparently tulip buds are a great delicacy! At any rate I have some very season appropriate gear to offer to you that I personally really like.

picture of me showing off my new umbrella despite full sunshine

Artful Umbrellas

picture of compact umbrella featuring Van Gogh's Almond Blossom design compact (12 inch) umbrella with a print of Van Gogh's Irises compact umbrella featuring a print of Lady in White Under the Rain picture of compact umbrella with a print of Van Gogh's famous Starry Night painting picture of compact umbrella featuring a print of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Van Gogh has been my favorite artist since I can remember (though I have also always liked Monet - just not as much). I have admired these umbrellas for years and though I always looked at them at a gift shop when we stayed for a weekend in our favorite seaside location, I always managed to talk myself out of buying one. When my favorite wholesale vendor offered them for sale the temptation finally proved too much! I finally have my "Starry Night" umbrella and I'm offering you a good deal on one too. Please don't think of them just as gifts for others, although one would make a nice Mothers' Day gift, life's too short. Grab one for yourself. Local customers who arrange to pick it up will end up paying only $24.00 for one of these art print umbrellas as I will even pay the sales tax due on it


Fall and Winter

To quote from one of John Lennon's songs "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Our jewelry designs have now mostly been moved to our sister site Silver and Stone Handcrafted Jewelry and it's time that our featured gifts matched better with the current season!


picture of gift box containing a pair of gloves, headwarmer, and a box of chocolates

February is known for Valentine's Day but also for quite cold weather in my area so I thought "Why not design a gift that will warm her hands and head as well as her heart?" Here it is! Our gift box contains a pair of faux suede gloves with a predominately blue color scheme, a blue knit headwarmer, and a new item from our favorite candy manufacturer called "Greeting Card Chocolates". The one in this box states that All You Need Is Love And Chocolate, but while I can appreciate the sentiment it's still COLD outside and I'm sure the other items in this gift will be appreciated equally.

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Heartwarming Too

picture of gift box containing a pair of gloves, headwarmer, and a box of chocolates

This gift is just the same as the preceding one except that the faux suede gloves in this version are predominantly yellow and the headwarmer is brown instead of blue.

$30.00   Add To Cart

Warm Up Box

oblong cashmere-feel scarves with simple fringe ends picture of shipping box containing navy scarf along with edible treats

Who hasn't heard the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? This gift contains gourmet cookies, crackers, smoked salmon, cheese spread, snack sausages, and delicious chocolates as well as an ample scarf to keep him warm.

It seems a lot harder to find nice accessories for men than it does for women, but we've managed to acquire some soft comfy scarves in basic colors suitable for either sex. My husband even said "Yeah, I'd wear one of those." when they came in. The scarf in the gift pictured is navy blue, but we also have black, grey, and what the manufacturer calls "beige" but I think is more of a camel color.

Local customers please remember that you can save 20% by arranging to pick up your order and using the coupon in our shopping cart.


Luxurious Faux Fur Trimmed Cape and Glove Sets

picture of red cape and gloves trimmed with black faux fur packed together in a box picture of faux fur trimmed gloves in colors to match all capes shown picture of camel color cape image of grey faux fur trimmed cape

Just in time for the holiday season we have scored these lovely matching cashmere-feel faux fur trimmed capes and gloves. Since I had a hard time getting the gloves to show up well in photos of the boxed sets I have included one photo of all of the gloves except the red ones and individual photos of the additional colors of capes we are now offering. This might just be her favorite gift this year! All gloves have touchscreen enabled thumbs and forefingers. After all, who wants to have to peel off their nice warm gloves to answer the phone?

These are priced to sell at $48.00, (remember, no additional charges will be added for shipping). Please choose the color of your set from the options listed below.


Christmas Cape Boxed Gift

picture of ivory colored cape with faux fur collar packed with magnetic bangle and box of chocolate fondue mix

As seen above, this gift contains a lovely cape/shawl with a matching faux fur collar bundled with a magnetic bangle bracelet and a box of delicious chocolate fondue mix. It's all decked out for Christmas, but if you need it for an Autumn birthday or any other occasion or reason just email or give us a call at 508 864 5079 and we'll be happy to customize this or any other of our gifts for you.

Please choose either the ivory cape (as shown above)or the equaly lovely black one from the drop-down below.


For a Gray Winter's Day

picture of gray striped wool-look poncho picture of boxed gift featuring the poncho plus an ivory colored headwarmer and black gloves.

Warm and cozy is how this gift will make her feel even if the weather outside is anything but! We have combined our striped wool-look poncho with a lovely ivory colored headwarmer featuring a crocheted rose, and a pair of fashionable black fleece gloves with touchscreen enabled thumbs and forefingers.

Here's your chance to show both her and your bank account some love as the entire ensemble is only $40.00!

$40.00   Add To Cart

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