A gift tailored to the recipient will always have more of an impact. This is important in both business marketing and personal giving.

Greenbriar Gift Baskets has always stressed customization and we want to build the best gift for YOUR recipient/occasion/or brand, not to compete with a catalog on or offline!

In concentrating so much on the themed gift "baskets" I have often neglected to mention items that can work as gifts on their own, not just as part of a themed gift design. I design and make my own jewelry line and specialty candles as well as buying small gift items at wholesale. I intend to put some of those up for sale here as well.

We will be offering stock gifts and themed gift baskets for sale through this Featured page, the gift, gift basket, and jewelry pages on this website. Custom orders will be handled by phone and email.

Local customers can save on shipping or delivery fees by making an appointment for contact-less pick-up.

Beach Bag Bundle

large tote bag with 2nd bag that unfolds into a beach towel - all set for a day at the beach closer look at towel bag

If you're curious about the full story behind this combo gift, please visit our Greenbriar Gift Baskets page on Facebook.

Perfect for a day at the beach, our jumbo tote bag has an inner zippered pocket for keys and other small items and a magnetic snap closure at the top. We have paired it with another beach bag designed to unfold into a beach towel. In order to leave most of the sand on the beach rather than having it all over your stuff, we suggest that you start out with the towel bag inside the tote but to refold it and carry it back by the handle outside the tote on the way home.

$35.00   Add To Cart

Carefree Capris Set

As this is a "one size fits most" outfit these capris will end up more like ankle length pants on someone as short as me (4 feet 10 inches) but will look more like their name states on someone larger and taller. I like the fact that they can be used by the majority of women. Size can be very problematical when you are considering buying a gift for someone - and sometimes even for yourself if you don't have the option of trying the item on before buying. These are available in cabernet and in brown. They are very comfortable and would make a great addition to someone's travel wardrobe.

I am including small pictures of the tops listed as options with each color of capris, except for the black tank top which is shown here being worn by our model.

our model wearing cabernet capris and our black tank top

Cabernet Capris

Please choose a top from the drop-down list to add to these wine-colored capris for a breezy summer outfit. Matching earrings are added to complete the look. If your intended recipient does not wear pierced earrings, please note that in our shopping cart message area and we will substitute a bracelet.

picture of short-sleeved taupe colored top picture of light blue short sleeved top picture of gray mini-pleat tank top picture of wine colored mini-pleat tank top

Brown Capris

picture of brown capris teamed up with short sleeved taupe top

Some different tops are available with our brown capris as the colors are a better match. Because we have shopped our vendor's sales in order to offer you an exceptional deal, we tend to have a limited range of available options. Remember, even if you don't want to wear the items you choose together, both will make great additions to your (or someone else's) wardrobe! Since the short sleeved taupe top and the blue version are already pictured in the previous product, we did not add those pictures again here although they ARE still purchase options. The default addition to the gift is a pair of earrings so please note in the message area of our shopping cart or when you call with your order that you wish a substitute if pierced earrings will not do.

picture of leopard print mini cap sleeve top picture of bright orangey scarlet tank top picture of teal colored tank top

Choker Length Necklaces

I have added an extension chain to these necklaces in order to help fit my individual customer's needs. Although these days I'm trying for a "one size fits most" approach, I am always glad to work with you to tailor a piece to just one particular individual -- you or your intended recipient! Where else can you find both quality and customization at such budget-friendly prices?

Carved Buddha Necklace

picture of sterling silver choker featuring a carved serpentine buddha

A short strand of carved serpentine buddha beads caught my eye at a gem show and I was impressed by the detail and the fact that it was carved in the round so that it was more like a tiny statue than like a typical pendant that's flat on the back. I think these "beads" deserve some attention so I decided to use just one as the focal point of a choker length necklace. I like the effect. Do you?

$15.00   Add To Cart

Malachite Oval Necklace

picture of sterling silver choker with central malachite oval

The gorgeous green of malachite has been appreciated over the ages and is only enhanced by the variable patterns shown in the polished stone. The oval malachite featured in the center of this choker is just large enought to show the patterns but not large enough to be uncomfortable to wear in a choker. Should the sterling silver become tarnished over time, please remember to use a polishing cloth NOT a liquid silver cleaner as that could completely ruin the stones.

$15.00   Add To Cart

Stone Fan Necklaces

Quite a few years ago I purchased a bunch of semi-precious stone "collars" or "fans" to make into necklaces but never actually did the "making" until very recently. All of my jewelry making was put on hold while I concentrated on the more perishable gift baskets. The pendulum has swung back again now that increased shipping costs have made most of those gifts feasible only for local delivery. Shipping via USPS ground to the continental US and tax is included in the price. I'm doing all that I can to make this holiday season a little better!

Moss Agate

image of moss agate fan strung on sterling beading chain

This necklace features lots of moss agate, not only in the central "fan" but strung on most of the length of beading chain. All of these necklaces were designed to be about sixteen inches. The ones done with sterling beading chain drape much more than those made with "liquid silver" on miniature cable.

$25.00   Add To Cart


amazonite fan and beads on cable with tiny silver tube beads called "liquid silver"

Tones of aqua to teal catch the eye in the amazonite "fan" and beads and work well with the accompanying sterling silver beads. All of the necklaces in this series that are strung on "liquid silver" covered mini-cable tend to keep a more rounded shape when worn.

$25.00   Add To Cart


pretty green aventurine strung with sterling silver beads on sterling beading chain

Classic green aventurine is sometimes described as "sugary" in appearance due to the mineral flecks in the stone. This necklace is strung on sterling silver beading chain.

$25.00   Add To Cart

Black Onyx

black onyx fan strung on mini-cable with sterling and fancy black onyx beads

What can I say? Black and silver form a classic combo and this necklace is enhanced by the flat rectangular and "rice" or "melon" black onyx beads along with the standard rounds. This one is strung on mini-cable.

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Blue Onyx

image of blue onyx fan and beads strung on min-cable

In order not to mislead anyone I want to state right now that this stone has been dyed. In fact, even though some black onyx occurs naturally, most of what's on the market has also been artificially colored. That's a little disappointing, but it's still far better than plastic in my estimation! This is another of the mini-cable strung necklaces as you can see in the picture.

$25.00   Add To Cart

Shell "Collar" Necklace

image of shimmering abalone or paua shell with fancy silver beads, strung on cable

This is the much larger array of tapered strips generally called "collars" rather than the 13 piece "fans". In this case the material is also shell rather than stone. When I purchased this years ago at a trade show it was marketed as "Paua shell" but I thought it looked exactly like abalone shell. Sure enough, when I did a little research I found that they are indeed one and the same. The only difference is whether it originated here or in New Zealand as the word abalone is derived from Spanish and paua comes from the Maori language. Treat yourself or someone you love to this gorgeous necklace!

$35.00   Add To Cart

Not Your Grandma's Pearls

image of necklace made of various colors and shapes of freshwater pearls

Like most people, I admire the luster of pearls, but I find the traditional "string of pearls" kind of boring. One of the vendors at a wholesale gem show had temprorarily strung a bunch of mismatched pearls from his inventory and it gave me an idea. This is a 20 inch strand of freshwater pearls, strung on hand knotted silk with sterling silver clasp. I purposely placed different colors and shapes next to each other so that the uniqueness of each one would show. I've been mentally labeling them "confetti pearls".

$28.00   Add To Cart

Jade, Cloisonne, and Bone Necklace

20 inch necklace made of jade beads, cloisonne, sterling silver beads, and bone beads strung on sterling beading chain

I have always been drawn to Asian style art and enjoyed shopping for cloisonne and other jewelry making material. Since I have always used more silver than gold in my jewelry designs I always kept an eye out for cloisonne beads with silver colored metal rather than the much more common gold tones. This green jade necklace uses some of those as well as fancy silver beads and bone beads inscribed with a stem and leaf design. Instead of the more traditional silk, I chose to string this on sterling silver beading chain since the jade and silver beads have enough weight to stretch silk rather quickly.

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Silver and Stone Necklaces

The inspiration for the necklace design below came from some fancy sterling silver bead caps that I had purchased long ago. Once I had tweaked the original prototype I repeated the design with several different semi-precious stones.

Purple amethyst Silver and Stone set

purple amethyst and sterling silver neclace and earring set on jewelry display form

Stunning purple amethyst and sterling silver beads are strung on sterling silver beading chain and set in place with tiny silver crimp beads. Necklaces are approximately 16 inches long. (Please remember that customization is always available.)<

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Aventurine Silver and Stone set


This set features green aventurine, known for the extra interest tiny inclusions give to this semi-precious stone.

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Cape and pink amethyst Silver and Stone set

picture of necklace and earring set featuring cape amethyst and pink amethyst

After making the purple amethyst set I thought I'd make a set from cape amethyst - a semi-precious stone that's a mixture of purple amethyst and milky quartz. I discovered that I only had that stone in the largest bead size used for this design. I also discovered that I had the other required bead sizes in pink amethyst, a stone I had forgotten even existed! For those interested in minerals, it's the inclusion of hematite that causes the pink color.

$28.00   Add To Cart

Carnelian Silver and Stone set

necklace and earring set featuring bright carnelian beads

In contrast to the smokey crimson of garnet, carnelian is a much brighter red, generally more scarlet to orangey. This set will brighten even the dullest winter day!

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Garnet Silver and Stone set

image of garnet and sterling silver necklace and earring set

I listed these sets alphabetically and couldn't be happier that the carnelian and garnet sets ended up so close together so that our customers can more easily see the difference in color of these two red stones. While the carnelian is a bright scarlet to orange, the garnet is a much darker, more crimson red - think vintage Father Christmas.

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Serpentine Silver and Stone set

sterling silver and translucent serpentine necklace and earring set

Serpentine might be one of the lesser known semi-precious stones, but it's well worth a look. I find it to have more of a yellow tinge than aventurine. Please note that the largest stone beads in this set are larger than those in any of the others, resulting in a slightly longer necklace. Since the bead caps that started this whole series fit both sizes of beads there was no reason to leave this stone out.

Desert Sunrise Earrings

image of banded red jasper, amber, and gold-filled earrings

I have not named my jewelry designs on a regular basis, but the combination of the banded red jasper teardrops, the amber, and the gold-filled beads and findings just reminded me so strongly of desert mesas and the rising sun that this one practically named itself. I hope that you like the combination as much as I do! Please remember that shipping is included in the price.

$10.00   Add To Cart

Fall for Fall!

picture of sterling silver and semi-precious stone necklaces featuring carved stone leaf pendants

Fall is a special time for those of us who live in New England and I've designed three special necklaces to celebrate it this year. Instead of taking a separate picture of each we are showing them all in one photograph so that you can get a better idea of the lengths available. The necklaces from left to right are Amazonite, Bloodstone, and Tiger Eye with sterling silver. Choose your stone and choose the 20 inch, 22 inch, or 24 inch length.

Amazonite Leaf Pendant


Bloodstone Leaf Pendant


Tiger Eye Leaf Pendant


New Gift Offerings!

I have decided to subsidize shipping costs for this gift category. Please make sure to choose Flat Rate for your shipping option. The charge is $8.00 and is actually less than the real cost of postage even in areas closest to us. Local hand deliveries also cost $8.00 unless otherwise noted: however, with Covid still a concern we reserve the right to ship via USPS even to our usual hand delivery area.

Uni-sex Boxed Gift

a boxed gift suitable for both males and females a picture of gift items from which one may be chosen

I was originally going to title this as a gift for men but then realized that it would work for a lot of women as well. Snack foods make up the bulk of the gift so please give me a call if your intended recipient has any food allergies or other issues so that I can work with you to create a suitable gift for him or her. You may choose one inedible item from the options or call us to see if another item in our inventory would work better for you.

If ordering online, please remember to use the message area of our shopping cart to write your message for the enclosed card and to let us know what you'd like printed on the ribbon banner.

Given the ongoing Covid variant spikes we may choose to deliver your gift via USPS rather than hand deliver, especially in the case of apartment or office buildings. Remember to choose "Flat Rate Shipping" in the shipping options.


For Her

photo of skirt and blouse set photo of gift box with Mother's Day banner and floral decoration tucked into shipping box

We purchased some easy care "one size fits most" women's clothing at a great price so we're excited to offer you an entire outfit, skirt, top, and matching earrings for under $30.00! If you would like us to substitute a bracelet for the earrings, please note that in the message section of our shopping cart.

Since we introduced our new offering just in time for Mother's Day, we are showing you a gift decorated for that occasion, but please remember that this would make an excellent gift for many other occasions as well. I've printed up some banner ribbons to give you the idea but would be happy to print out a custom one just for you. In order not to clutter up the shopping cart we will list two choices of banner, the one we are promoting and a second labeled "Custom". If you choose Custom, please print the message you want on your banner in the message area of the cart.

As you can see, the outfit is packed in a white gift box and decorated with the ribbon banner. It seemed a little plain and there was enough head room left in the outer shipping box to add a little floral embellishment. The outfit shown consists of a beige "slinky travel skirt", a bright top in a color named "Paprika", and a pair of carnelian earrings. Is this selection a little too "spicey"? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Just skip down to our next combination.


Like Darker Colors?

photo of darker colored outfit

Whether the recipient is your Mom, your BFF, your fiancee, or whomever, if you think she would prefer an outfit that isn't quite as brightly colored as the first one we show, try this one instead. The skirt is a silvery grey and the top is a color called "Java", a brown so dark it's nearly black. I chose a pair of smokey topaz quartz and sterling silver earrings to coordinate with the clothing. This time I'm going to make the default banner a birthday one, but just remember to choose the Custom banner option and print your message in the shopping cart message area. Also please remember that you have the choice of the earrings shown or a bracelet. If you prefer a bracelet please also note that in the message area of the cart.


As always we would be happy to customize your gift. Would you prefer the skirt from the first outfit and the blouse from the second (or the other way around)? No problem. Just contact us via phone, email, or Messenger and we'll be glad to oblige!

If this gift is beyond our hand delivery area (Worcester, MA and surrounding towns), please make sure to select flat rate shipping. We'd also like to remind customers in our local area that they can avoid all shipping or delivery charges by arranging a contact-less pick-up.

Faceted Garnet Teardrop and Gold-filled Earrings

picture of garnet and gold-filled drop earrings

Although the original inspiration for these earrings was Valentine's Day, these earrings would look lovely on any day of the year. I think that the deep red of the garnets looks particularly nice with a snowy background -- something like our red cardinals, nice to see anytime but they almost light up a winter day!

Please remember that shipping is included in the price of all of our jewelry, making them an exceptional deal.

$15.00   Add To Cart

Garnet and Gold-filled Necklace and Earring Set

picture of garnet and gold-filled necklace and earring set

Here's a beautiful set of faceted garnet and gold-filled earrings paired with a matching faceted garnet teardrop pendant on a gold-filled chain. It would make a great gift for Valentine's Day or really ANY day! I have priced these beauties at a fantastic low price (especially since shipping is included). If, on the other hand, the person viewing this item is shopping for herself, I still have to say "What are you waiting for? Grab one before they're gone!"

$25.00   Add To Cart

Sterling Silver and Garnet Necklace and Earring Set

picture of garnet andsterlig silver necklace and earring set

I'm fairly certain that overall the gold is the preferred metal/color for jewelry just about everywhere, but there are still some people who prefer silver. I happen to know that for a fact because I'm one of them! So here is a jewelry set for you/them. I have paired faceted garnet teardrops with sterling silver beads, findings, and chain to make a stunning set. I also tend to like the round chain known as snake chain, so if you or your gift recipient has tastes at all like mine, you should be really happy to have found my site.

$25.00   Add To Cart

Boot Socks

image of lace or button topped knee socks

I recently tried to describe these socks as a component of one of my Valentine's gifts, then realized that I should be offering them as "stand-alone" items as well. Here you are ladies -- in case you'd like to just pick up a pair for yourself or a friend or relative. Please remember that if you are in our general area (Millbury, MA) you need only choose the pick-up option if checking out on our website and/or call 508 864-5079 to arrange a contact-less pick-up and avoid shipping/delivery charges.


Jewelry Polishing Cloths

My newest customer reminded me about these. They work very well and I formerly sold lots of them but when I discontinued/merged my second website with this one, I forgot about them. They are particularly good when cleaning silver jewelry with stones that would be damaged by liquid silver cleaners. One word of caution though, since the jeweler's rouge that does the work is red, be very careful when working around pearls and other light colored porous jewels to avoid staining.

Here are the two sizes that we carry.

picture of jeweler's rouge polishing cloth

$5.95   Add To Cart

The smaller jewelry polishing cloth is 6 inches by 8 inches instead of the 9.75 by 10 inches of its larger cousin. $4.50   Add To Cart

Our shopping cart will calculate the shipping using USPS and UPS rates. We now offer two new "shipping" options for Massachusetts. If you are in our local delivery area you may choose a flat rate delivery/shipping option. We will hand deliver if it can be done safely, ie we will be happy to call the recipient and arrange to leave the item by the door but we will no longer navigate the halls of office buildings or high rise apartment buildings. If there is no arrangement to leave gifts for tenants at a safe place, we will ship the item via USPS instead. The second new option is Free Pick-Up in Millbury, MA. If you are a local customer and would like to save on shipping please choose this option and call or email us (info@greenbriargiftbaskets.com, 508 864-5079) or we will contact you to make an appointment for a contactless pick-up.

Our shopping cart payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal. If you would prefer to order off-line, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please call 508 864-5079 or print out and mail in our Order Form along with your cashier's check or Postal Money Order.

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