Gold-filled Earrings

Since I'm sure that many of you don't know the difference between gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry, here it is "in a nutshell". Gold-plated means that the underlying metal has been covered by a very thin layer of precious metal, usually by means of an electro-plating process. The plating can and usually will wear away quickly and is pretty much impossible to use for some methods of assembly, such as soldering. By law gold-filled means that 20% of the total weight of the item is gold and the carat is usually also marked. Most that I've seen and used has been either 12 or 14 carat.

Gold-filled Earrings

Not everyone is a fan of silver, so here's another set of three pairs of earrings with gold-filled findings.

image of cloisonne, aventurine, and gold-filled earrings

Cloissone, aventurine, and gold-filled earrings $10.00   Add To Cart

image of cloissone, lapis, and gold-filled earrings

Cloissone, lapis lazuli, and gold-filled earrings $10.00   Add To Cart

image of cloissone, lapis, and gold-filled earrings

Cloissone, lepidolite, and gold-filled earrings $10.00   Add To Cart

And here's the deal you've been waiting for -- take all three pair for only $25.00!   Add To Cart

Desert Sunrise Earrings

image of banded red jasper, amber, and gold-filled earrings

I have not named my jewelry designs on a regular basis, but the combination of the banded red jasper teardrops, the amber, and the gold-filled beads and findings just reminded me so strongly of desert mesas and the rising sun that this one practically named itself. I hope that you like the combination as much as I do! Please remember that shipping is included in the price.

$10.00   Add To Cart

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