Stand-alone Gifts

As promised we have decided to put more emphasis on our "stand-alone" gifts. Besides my own handcrafted jewelry and specialty candles, I often purchase wholesale merchandise with the idea of using the items either as containers or as items to be included in our themed gift baskets and boxes. Some of the latter would make nice gifts on their own (and don't forget to put yourself on your "gift list" once in awhile)!

Since I tend to make more earrings than any other type of jewelry I have given them separate pages to make this site easier to navigate. Please remember that it may be possible to customize the jewelry shown by using different beads or stones, so don't despair if you love the design but hate black onyx! Just give us a call or email us at

one of my signature pieces - green agate cabachon and faceted blue topaz combined in a pendant a special ocean-themed candle containing a tiny bone treasure chest with jewelry inside

We are now offering FREE shipping on all of our jewelry! Please make sure that you choose standard shipping via USPS in our shopping cart. Expedited shipping and shipping via other carriers WILL add extra charges to your purchase. Also please remember that free standard shipping via USPS is available for jewelry items ONLY!

Cosmo Candle

picture of gel candle in martini glass with handcrafted &qoot;lime slice"

Here's a beautiful gel candle in a long-stemmed martini glass, adorned with its own hand-made Fimo clay "lime slice". Since the candle gel wax is clear you can enjoy the lovely color of the candle either lit or unlit.

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Dichroic Glass Pendants

Here are 6 unique dichroic glass pendants on either a black neck hoop with magnetic clasp or a multi-strand adjustable necklace. It's strictly first come first served on these. I'm not sure that I could even find a source for anything like these pendants now. Buy one for $12.00 or take set AA or BB for just $30.00.

trio of dichroic glass pendant necklaces trio of dichroic glass pendant necklaces

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