About Us

I was born and raised in Central Massachusetts but my husband and partner was born and raised all the way "across the pond" in England. We met in 1985 when he was recruited by a local business and I was in the process of transitioning from manager to sole proprietor of a retail hobby shop.

We closed the " brick & mortar" store in 2012, but I retained the gift basket business that I had added 7 years prior and made it into a home-based business on its own. Since I originally majored in Fine Arts before ending up in business, it seems fitting somehow to have come full circle.

At the time of this writing #40;Sept., 2023#41; we are again adjusting to changing conditions in a hopefully post-pandemic world and will be offering shipping or free pick up as our delivery options. Our handmade jewelry line will be shown on our other website, www.silverandstone.com, with the exception of pieces that are part of the contents of themed gift baskets/boxes. We are also trying to streamline the online order process to make our customers' lives a little easier.

We are not the most photogenic people in the world, but since people like pictures with their text, here we are.

You can contact us by email at info@greenbriargiftbaskets.com or by phone at (508) 864-5079 Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM.

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Should you prefer to order offline, we have provided an Order form which you can print and send with your money order or cashier's check.