The primary purpose of using a business gifting program as part of your marketing strategy is to help retain good customers and employees. After all, it costs far less than replacing a good employee would and keeps you "top of mind" with your best clients.

If you are buying for employees, we strongly recommend customizing the gifts to the recipients as much as possible. In the case of business to business gifts many corporate customers favor the simpler presentation provided by boxes rather than baskets or other open containers. Despite our business name, we'd be happy to make up your gifts in boxes, whether they be gable boxes, stacking boxes, or shipping containers.

The majority of business to business gifts are purchased for the "Winter holidays", we'll be happy to theme your gifts accordingly, but remember to pre-plan and order early if you require a particular type of themed container or an odd sized or shaped box. Holiday supplies often sell out and it's only made worse by supply chain shortages brought about by Covid 19.

Since we don't want you to think that boxes are all we have to offer you, we're starting off this page with a holiday version of a filled and decorated house-shaped wire container that was originally ordered by our largest corporate client.

Holiday Home

image of wire house-shaped container filled with treats and all lit up for the holidays

We've all had a rough couple of years and we need a little sparkle in our lives this holiday season! Our house container has been trimmed with gold and silver mini-garland and the lights are all up just under the "roof". There's even a seasonal swag over the "door"!

Is there someone on your list whose face would also light up on receiving this gift? As shown the gift contains several packages of fruit and nut snacks, Walkers cookies, crackers, smoked salmon, cheese spread, apple chips, pistachios, and a bag of assorted Lindt chocolates. Remember, the contents are not written in stone. If you're thinking something like "So and so would love that EXCEPT he's allergic to peanuts, doesn't like fish, etc.", just give us a call and we'll make up a special version just for you. The open top on this container makes it easier to be flexible with the contents. We will print a short message or a business name and or logo on the ribbon tails at no extra charge.

As shipping costs for fancy gift baskets have gone through the roof and hand-delivery during the Covid era has become too problematical we are offering these types of gifts for local pick-up in Millbury, MA, ONLY

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Gable Boxes

large dark green gable box decorated with Christmas sprig and printed logo ribbon

Gable boxes are available in many sizes and all sorts of colors and finishes. It's important to remember the size restrictions imposed by the inner dimensions of the closed box, especially if you wish to have specific items in your gift.

Would you like your business name and/or logo printed on the ribbon tails? Most logos and even photographs that convert well to black and white can be printed onto the ribbon. Exceptions to this rule are logos with lots of very thin lines and those that depend on three or more colors. We have at times resorted to pulling a logo from a client's website, but the print will obviously be much better if you send us a clean image file!

Lasting Impression

our 6 box stack of gifts

From the giants of commerce on down, corporate offices know the value of sending gifts to important clients. These gifts are obviously meant to impress and that's just what our six-box tower of gifts will do when it is delivered to your recipient.

Our tower of gifts is generally reserved for local delivery and is customized for our clients. Since this gift stack is a full 30 inches from the base to the top of the bow, it would not only cost a fortune to ship, it would likely sustain damage no matter how many "Fragile" stickers we put on the box. The price is $95.00 and up, depending on your choice of contents. We will add ribbon tails custom printed with your business name or logo, at no extra charge.

We have not embedded an "add to cart" button for these items as the price and other details will be set by consultation.